Saipan Attractions

Enjoy Many Things to Do On Saipan

Beautiful White Sand Beaches

No matter what beach you chose to visit in Saipan, you won’t be at a loss for wonderful spots to swim, snorkel, beach comb and picnic with your family.

Managaha Island: The island of Managaha and the beach is very popular with the locals as well as tourists. It is considered as one of the best spot to snorkel. Scuba dive, take a boat ride, feed the fish or just take a long walk. There’s lots to do here and even relax.

Lau Lau Beach: Found along Magicienne Bay on the southeast part of Saipan, is a large beach divided by rock formations with shallow waters and gentle waves. Boasting one of the largest reefs on the island, Lau Lau Beach is one of the most popular attractions in Saipan. The beach also serves as an ideal dive site for beginners or people interested in snorkeling and viewing smaller and more colorful marine life. Lau Lau is home to hundreds of small mammals, like wrasses, Butterfly Fish, Stone fishes and octopus.

Obyan Beach: This beach is another popular spot with tourists and locals alike. There are two WWII era Japanese bunkers, an ancient latte stone site, and, of course, white sandy beaches with a great view of Tinian. This palm tree lined beach is a perfect place for barbecuing, swimming, snorkeling, spear fishing and boogie boarding.

Micro Beach: Micro Beach is one of Saipan’s finest white sandy beaches, best known for its play park and many water sports facilities. It’s a perfect spot to relax during the day or at dusk to watch one of Saipan’s glorious sunsets with a backdrop of the Managaha Island.
Must See:

Saipan has many beautiful attractions that are well worth adding to a traveler’s itinerary

Banzai Cliff: The area is called Puntan Sabaneta to the locals, which means “small grassland point”, a perfect description for this area. Travelers will find numerous memorials and monuments. Today, Banzai Cliff has also become a popular dive site.

Duty Free Galleria: The DFS Galleria gives visitors an opportunity to experience duty free shopping without going abroad, located in central Garapan, travelers will find numerous brand name clothing, jewelry, accessories and other goods at cheaper prices than many other countries. Visitors can also hunt for souvenirs as well; some are made by local craftsmen.

Saipan Botanical Garden: The Saipan Botanical Garden is an exotic garden filled with tropical plants, trees and fruit that grow naturally on the island of Saipan. There are over a thousand plus varieties of plants on display in the garden, making it an overall great learning experience for gardeners and travelers who enjoy strolling through well preserved, beautiful gardens.

Scuba Diving and Snorkeling

Scuba diving along with snorkeling are the two most popular activities on the island. There are excellent dive sites all around the island and the richness of the beauty under the water is mindboggling.

The Grotto is one of the most popular dive sites in the world, but it is also a very challenging one. The visibility is excellent and ranges to about 90ft. One needs to climb down 112 steps to a large natural rock which is inside a cave lagoon. You can choose between three distinct exit holes and come out into the open sea. It is one of the best places to see marine life like clown triggerfish, turtles and also white-tipped reef sharks. Being in good physical condition is very important as the dive is physically demanding. Another thing to keep in mind is that you should never exit the Grotto, as re-entering can be extremely difficult and the only surface exit points are very far.

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