Farmers Markets

Farmers’ Markets on Saipan are Popular with Both Tourists and Locals

A worldwide institution, Farmers’ Markets have been around almost as long as farms themselves, and on the island of Saipan, they’re more popular than ever. Several times a week, in a variety of locations, food producers and local culinary stars gather in parks and parking lots to sell fresh produce and other agricultural products. The most popular of these markets is the Garapan Street Market which is open every thursday in the charming town of Garapan. It’s the perfect opportunity for residents and visitors alike to enjoy locally-grown, Saipan products including fresh seafood, a wide variety of tropical fruits and vegetables.

The Garapan Street Market, conveniently located in central Garapan, is a weekly event that happens every Thursday from 5:00 P.M. – 9:00 P.M. At the far end of the main strip in Garapan, the Paseo de Marianas, most of the road that runs along the Hyatt and Fiesta resorts is blocked off, and the streets are lined with food & art vendors on either side. It is truly an exciting taste of social gatherings on Saipan, as you work your way through the crowds, taking in all the sights and smells, and trying to decide which of the many restaurant booths you want to select dinner from. Most of the well-known restaurants on island have booths set up with various dishes to choose from, and most of these booths offer a “6-Entree-for-$5″ deal. There are also plenty of arts & crafts to browse through, as well as local produce booths. Don’t forget to check out the local dance performances!

As you mingle with locals and talk with farmers, you’ll also have a chance to sample Saipan-style snacks and recipes from food booths that serve everything from gourmet plate lunches to the Saipan Regional Cuisine made famous by Saipan chefs. You can also buy fresh flowers and a variety of handmade products at most Saipan Farmers’ Markets and a few even provide entertainment. One bit of advice: shoppers are hungry and inventory is gobbled up fast, so go early and enjoy.

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