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Island Cuisine’s Tourist Guide will give you valuable information on dining in Saipan with an overview of the island’s tourist attractions

Garapan Market

A worldwide institution, Street Markets have been around forever, and on the island of Saipan, they’re more popular than ever. The most popular of these markets is the Garapan Street Market which is open every thursday in the charming town of Garapan. It’s the perfect opportunity for residents and visitors alike to enjoy locally-grown, Saipan products and delicious fresh food.

Saipan Culture

The original inhabitants and dominant ethnic group of the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands (all the Marianas except Guam) in western Micronesia refer to themselves as Chamorros ( tsa-'mor-os ). The term chamorri was used to designate the upper caste at the time of Magellan's arrival in 1521. The Spaniards heard this as chamurres and understood it to mean "friend."

Tourist Attractions

No matter what beach you choose to visit on Saipan, you won’t be at a loss for wonderful spots to swim, snorkel, beach comb and picnic with your family. The island of Managaha is very popular with the locals as well as tourists. It is considered as one of the best spots to snorkel. scuba dive, take a boat ride, feed the fish or just take a long walk. There's lots to do here and even relax.

Annual Events

Every year Saipan, Tinian and Rota sponsor many island events that provide local residents and tourists unlimited entertainment. Below you will find some of the more popular annual CNMI events like the annual Flame Tree Festival and theTinian Hot Pepper Festival highlighted....we hope our guide will help you in planning your vacation schedule while vacationing in enchanting CNMI....ENJOY!!
Saipan is an enchanting tropical island, far from the maddening crowds, that will leave you with unforgettable vacation memories. Besides offering spectacular white sand beaches, world famous diving and friendly island hospitality, you will also find a wide range of international cuisines to enjoy – from Chamorro, Japanese, Thai, Korean, to delicious Mexican food. Whether you’re in the mood for a Japanese dinner, a hearty Italian meal, or a casual American food experience, you’ll find it all on this little island lost in the pacific…..America’s true unknown tropical paradise. I've designed this website to provide both local residents and vacationing tourists an informative overview of cuisine and attractions on this enchanting island. If you are a CNMI resident owning a restaurant or business on Saipan or any of the other CNMI islands, you are welcome to advertise here on my Island Cuisine Website. There are no advertising fees charged for this service, but I do welcome a small, one time donation be made to my Website Donation Account....if you are interested in this service, please see our Restaurant Lisings Page, fill in the information form, and I will immediately post your business on the international web for millions of viewers to see.